Authentic ~ Original ~ Handcrafted


What is Coffee Corn?

The original Slabtown Coffee Caramel Corn  (est. 2009) is a irresistible snack created and hand crafted in our underground bunker, otherwise known as, the Slabtown Coffee Caramel Corn World Headquarters Kitchen. All of our products are hand made in Traverse City, Michigan.

This delectable coffee tinged caramel corn is a creation that was a serendipitous discovery while trying something a little different, and has been a hit with all of the guinea pigs used during it's development.

The ingredients have been carefully crafted and formulated. The creation is a tantalizing combination of traditional caramel corn texture coupled with a proprietary coffee blend that has to be tasted to be believed!

Coffee Corn Owners Manual:

 This stuff is so good that to mention shelf life is kind of an oxymoron because it is known to disappear in seconds.

There are NO preservatives in this home cooked corn, so if you have kept it too long remember....... We'll make more! Every batch is hand made to order, so if you need it for a special occasion please be sure to leave enough time for its creation and shipping if necessary.

This scrumptious stuff deserves a permanent spot in your cupboard, pantry, toolbox, glove box, or pocket and should be served at any gathering of gourmet food loving people, the more the merrier. Even non-gourmets think it's pretty good stuff!!!


Coffee Caramel Sauce:

Also introducing our new Coffee Caramel Sauce. The divine desert topping  for ice cream, brownies, fruit, oatmeal, coffee - almost everything!! Some people say, "All you need is a spoon!".


We use only the best ingredients: Fair Trade Coffee, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, Non- GMO Corn, and no preservatives.


We are always interested in your feedback and comments as the master plan includes product line expansion! Yummmm!!!

Thanks for giving our treat a try! We appreciate your business and we'll keep the cooking pot warm for your next order!


The Crew at Slabtown Coffee Caramel Corn World Headquarters